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What is Hexey?

No cooking, cleaning or groceries required! Healthy meals delivered daily right to your doorstep. Hexey meals are freshly made every day with only the best, non-processed, organic ingredients. Hexey meals don’t just taste great, they help you lose weight and stay healthy. Hexey is 100% healthy & 100% tasty!






No cooking, cleaning or groceries required!

About Hexey

No cooking, cleaning or groceries required!

If you are too busy to shop, cook and clean for yourself, we do it all for you, healthy eating delivered to you daily.

Eating the right food at the right times of the day is a one of the biggest contributors to achieving and maintaining your body shape goals. At Hexey, “diet” is a good word. From the Greek word, daita, which means: A way of life, a Hexey diet is just that: A healthy way of life.

Through our healthy meals, delivered right to your doorstep, we are committed to help you reach your goals and to take the guesswork out of a healthy eating lifestyle. Hexey meals are freshly cooked, separated into male and female portions and can even be customised to suit individual dietary requirements.

  • Julia_copy2959

    Julia Hunt, Sydney

    Being an actor, I’ve had to learn to love keeping a healthy diet so I can be in the best shape for roles. The trouble for me isn’t necessarily the knowledge of what a healthy diet should be made up of, but rather the time that it takes to prepare those healthy meals on the go. Being delivered straight to your doorstep each morning and catered to your own dietary needs, Hexey fits in perfectly around a busy lifestyle. With the knowledge that the food you’re being given is organic and also well proportioned, there’s no way to slip up when it comes to eating well and enjoying a guilt free, healthy lifestyle. I’ll definitely be reaching out for my Hexey fix during those busy work weeks and before important shoots because for me, it’s about being nourished, feeling energised, light and satisfied after a meal – which Hexey delivers conveniently, time and time again.

  • hexey review

    Justin Babet, Sydney

    My wife is the fitness expert for Women’s Fitness Magazine so we’ve always had a very healthy diet but since being with Hexey I’ve gained muscle as well as leaning out which I was struggling to do before. Obviously Hexey is very clean and healthy food but I think the key reasons it’s made a difference for me have been consistency and variety which is hard to achieve by yourself, especially if you’re extremely busy like we are. When we take into account how much time we used to spend shopping and how much food we used to waste because it would go off, Hexey is very compelling.

  • Veronika3f7c

    Veronika Larisova, Sydney

    When I ‘discovered’ Hexey, I fell in love straight away… Fresh meals with balanced macronutrient ratios, no preservatives, great variety, delicious recipes corresponding with my ‘nutrition philosophy’ and delivered to my clients’ doorstep every morning. While many other trainers worried about competition, I saw a great opportunity for cooperation. With a help of Hexey, it became easy for my clients to adhere to healthy balanced nutrition and reach their fitness and health goals much faster. I always reach out to Hexey when my schedule gets too busy or when I need to get in shape for photoshoots or running events.